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about chukku

Growing up, my parents (Ma & Papa) made authentic ginger, turmeric, and tamarind drinks for me and my brother every day. When I started to go through some health challenges in 2022, I found comfort in the flavors of my childhood by making the very juices Ma & Papa would make. 

Not only did the juices bring me comfort during a trying time, they also helped me build habits to regain my health: the anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants made a real difference when I drank the juices daily, and I started to build wellness routines around having each juice every day.

As I shared the juices with my family and friends, they shared them with their friends and soon I had friends-of-friends-of-friends asking for some. That's when I decided to start Chukku: to share the juices widely with my community.

I hope you give Chukku a try - we promise our juices taste good, feel good, and do good with every drop!

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